We are now booking Race Relations training and consultation services for September – December 2022.

Race Relations Workshops & Training

Anti-Racism Trainings

Training Duration: 3-hours
Learning Level: Introductory/Beginner
Delivery Formats:

  • Interactive Training (up to 10 participants, in-person)
  • Presentation & Brief Discussion (best for large groups and virtual settings)

In this introductory training, CRRC’s anti-racism learning content is delivered in either a small-group interactive training format or a lecture-style format to best suit the needs of the group, and are both available for virtual or in-person settings.

Participants will be introduced to anti-racism terminology, concepts, and resources through activities and presentation of the learning content, with discussion components that are designed to help training participants synthesize the learning materials through dialogue and conversation. 

Learning Content

CRRC’s Anti-Racism Training is suitable at the introductory level or as a refresher to anti-racism concepts and practices.

Practical Knowledge

The training will cover practical knowledge including:

  • positioning and positionality,
  • self-reflection and self-awareness,
  • protocols for multicultural interactions,
  • how to begin and/or continue anti-racism work,
  • where and how to access anti-racism resources and support.

Conceptual Knowledge

The training will cover conceptual knowledge of anti-racism terminology and definitions such as:

  • racism
    • individual racism
    • systemic and institutional racism
    • internalized racism
  • white supremacy
    • internalized dominance
    • white fragility
    • white privilege
  • anti-racism
  • socialization
  • prejudice, discrimination, and exclusion
  • inclusion and tokenism
  • microaggressions
  • stereotype, racial bias
  • and more

Immersive Workshops

  • Racial Awareness & Anti-Racism
  • Racial Healing for Beginners
  • Advanced Racial Healing & Advocacy
    • Prerequisite: Racial Healing for Beginners
  • Authentic Allyship

Workshop Information

Workshop Duration: 3-hours
Learning Level: Beginner to Advanced
Suitable for smaller groups and in-person or virtual settings
Maximum capacity: 12 participants

Immersive workshops offer an interactive, explorative and expansive learning experience for participants to engage with anti-racism concepts that are best-suited to develop practical skills for racial awareness, anti-racism, racial advocacy, racial healing, and/or allyship.

Participants will work on race relations exercises and practices that encourage self-reflection, and deeper exploration and synthesis of the learning content. The focus, depth, and pace of learning are participant-led. Through this learning, participants will:

  • gain practical skills
  • build confidence
  • expand knowledge and experience

The workshops are guided and supported by 1-2 experienced workshop facilitators and subject matter experts.

Additional resources will be provided as take-home materials for further/independent learning and support.

The learning materials and workshop activities are designed to develop critical skills for anti-racism, racial healing, and authentic allyship in various environments and community settings.

Depending on the needs and capacities identified by the client(s) and training participants, CRRC’s training opportunities may support the development of skills such as:

  • identifying and confronting forms of racism and bias,
  • applying anti-racism knowledge and practice in various settings and environments,
  • communication and meaningful dialogue,
  • self-reflection and self-awareness,
  • open-mindedness,
  • compassion and empathy,
  • fostering human-centered connections,
  • trust and relationship building,
  • advocacy and allyship,
  • inclusive and equitable decision-making, and more

We invite all interested parties to connect with us to discuss our opportunities and how they may best suit the needs of your organization.

Please send us an e-mail or phone our office to inquire.
Office Phone: 705-930-1694

When a booking request is placed, our team will send the Client Information Package via e-mail. This package includes training details and procedural information required to book the session.

Our team will work with the client to confirm a date and time that is suitable for all parties.


Anti-Racism Consultations are available to organizations, groups, teams, and businesses that are seeking support to learn more about developing anti-racism protocols, practices, and policies in their respective settings and environments.

These consultations are intended to identify and address specific challenges and barriers raised by the client(s). Additional anti-racism support services may include:

  • supporting the client(s) to navigate options and ideas for developing anti-racism practices and policies.
  • providing assessment and evaluation to identify systemic racial inequity and exclusivity in workplace practices and policies.
  • preparing and presenting options, solutions, recommendations, and methods that respond to the intentions, wants, and needs of the client(s) to foster anti-racism in their setting and environment.
  • providing anti-racism training for executive members, board of directors, and leadership/management teams.

Please send a request to book a preliminary 15-minute phone call to see if a CRRC Anti-Racism Consultation is the right fit for you and your organization, group, team, and/or business.