JOB POSTING – August 2nd, 2022

Application Deadline: Sunday, August 28th @ 11:59 pm

TWSP 2022/2023 – Assistant Social Justice Educator

Organization: Community Race Relations Committee of Peterborough (CRRC)

Employment type: Part-time, TWSP Contract Fall 2022/Winter 2023

Hours: 10hrs/wk 

Wage: $16/hr

Contract term: 160-hour contract following the Trent Academic Calendar for 2022/2023

  • 8 weeks Fall Term 2022
    • Off for Fall reading week, exam period & Winter Break
  • 8 weeks Winter Term 2023
    • Off for Winter reading week, contract ends for exam period
  • = 16 weeks total.

Reports to: CRRC Coordinator

Position Start Date: September 6, 2022

The Community and Race Relations Committee of Peterborough (CRRC) is seeking a TWSP-eligible Trent student to fulfill a part-time employment position to provide support and assistance with Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression (ARAO) workshop facilitation and delivery in Peterborough.

Roles & Responsibilities

The successful candidate for the Assistant Social Justice Educator position is responsible for:

  • Developing knowledge about- and familiarity with CRRC’s Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression (ARAO) education materials.
  • Co-facilitating workshops and trainings delivered to Trent community groups and Peterborough community groups (co-facilitation will be with either the CRRC Coordinator, Program & Events Facilitator, volunteer facilitators and/or student placement facilitators)
  • Updating ARAO educational materials and resources including research, collecting data and content, revising workshop presentations and materials, updating community resources.
  • Responding to ARAO workshop and training requests from the Trent community.
  • Scheduling and co-planning ARAO workshops and training for the Trent community (co-planning with CRRC Coordinator).
  • Collaborating with the Campus Outreach & Engagement Coordinator to promote ARAO workshops and training at Trent.
  • Attending weekly team meetings for staff and volunteers.
  • Participating in CRRC’s health & wellness program, and capacity building including: professional development, skills training, and team building activities during the contract term.

Skills & Qualifications

The ideal candidate for the Assistant Social Justice Educator position will demonstrate:

  • Strong understanding of Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression content and practice
  • Initiative and eagerness to expand knowledge and skills in Anti-Racism/ Anti-Oppression work
  • Passionate for social justice and community care
  • Effective and clear written and oral communication 
  • Adaptive leadership and facilitation style to cater to diverse audiences
  • Strong research skills 
  • Enthusiasm for public speaking and/or presenting with demonstrated previous experience
  • Transferable software proficiency skills using presentation software including Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides, Canva or similar
  • Strong time-management and organizational skills
  • Ability to work well independently
  • Experience delivering educational content and materials to various group sizes and diverse audience demographics
  • Capacity to balance part-time employment with academic and personal commitments

Ideal Soft-Skills & Educational or Experiential Assets (Strongly recommended)

  • Passionate about anti-racism work and fostering positive race relations.
  • Self-motivated and goal-oriented.
  • Mindfully self-aware and detail-oriented.
  • Compassionate, open-minded, and adaptable.
  • Trauma-informed training or similar.
  • Cultural-sensitivity training or similar.
  • Experience in BIPOC-centered spaces and/or with BIPOC-centered content.
  • Experience and/or training in decolonization, anti-racism/anti-oppression, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Employment Duration

The employment will follow Trent’s academic calendar and will include unpaid time off during Trent’s reading weeks and during the Fall exam period & Winter holidays.

  • Start date: Sept 6, 2022
  • Fall Reading Week: Oct 24-28, 2022
  • Exam study period: Dec 9-22, 2022
  • Winter holidays: Dec 23, 2022 – Jan, 6, 2023
    • Student employee will return to work on Jan 9, 2023
  • Winter Reading Week: Feb 20-24, 2023
  • Contract end: March 2023

Conditions & Workplace Settings

Flexibility to work-from-home with the opportunity to work in the office located at the Sadleir House in Downtown Peterborough at 751 George Street North, Office 102.

Attendance/participation at outreach and engagement events hosted by Trent and community partners is required for this position, event settings may be virtual or in-person.

Covid-19 Health & Safety policies and protocols at event venues and alternative workspaces may vary case-by-case. It is the employee’s responsibility to acknowledge, respect and follow these policies and protocols as required.

The employment contract includes fulfilling professional development, team-building, and employment wellness activities to develop or enhance job-related skills and competencies, to build confidence in performing tasks and responsibilities, and to co-create team-member accountability for a supportive and cohesive workplace culture and environment.

CRRC’s Commitment to Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Recruitment Practices & Workplace Environment

CRRC is dedicated to empowering and supporting individuals from marginalized communities by maintaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment and continues to offer meaningful employment and volunteer opportunities to promote leadership and skill-building experiences for underrepresented community members. 

CRRC encourages applications from TWSP-eligible students who identify as Black, Indigenous, racialized, members of ethnic, cultural and/or faith communities, newcomers, women, gender-diverse and non-cis/non-het folks, single parents, and peoples living with disabilities.

Application Requirements

Applications will be accepted by email or in-person.

To apply by email, please send your email application to the CRRC Coordinator at and CC: 

The email application must include:

  • Cover Letter (either attachment or in the email body)
  • Resume (attachment)
  • Two (2) strong references
  • “TWSP 2022/2023 Job Application” in the subject heading

To apply in-person, please drop off your application to our office at the Sadleir House, 751 George St. N., Room 104. If we are not in the office, please drop off your application in our mailbox. (See main reception for direction).

The paper application must include:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Two (2) strong references
  • All documents must be printed and stapled as one package.

Follow-up Process

CRRC thanks all applicants for expressing interest in this job position.

Qualified applicants will be invited for a 10-minute phone-screening interview.

Successful screening will result in the invitation to a 1-hr interview with the hiring team.

Following the interview process, one successful candidate will be offered the position contract. All interviewees will be notified of the final recruitment results by email.

Due to a high volume of applicants, we cannot guarantee we will notify every applicant of the final outcome. Please feel free to follow-up no earlier than 2-weeks after the application deadline if you are interested in feedback.

Applications are due no later than 11:59pm on Sunday, August 28, 2022

Self-Help & Self-Development Commitment

CRRC’s employment opportunities are designed to build organizational and operational capacity through a holistic approach that fosters our human-centered workplace culture and operational systems for the benefit of all team members. Our strategies and approaches enable employees and volunteers to enhance existing strengths and skills, develop new skills and abilities, build on their capacity for self-awareness, while holding compassionate space to support weaknesses and areas of low- or restricted-capacity. 

CRRC’s organizational culture encourages employees and volunteers to utilize supports and resources, and build skills for self-advocacy and self-accountability in the workplace to achieve experiential growth and to satisfy overall health and wellness goals through fulfilling job experiences.

CRRC employment and volunteer opportunities offer:

  • Exciting work experiences with flexibility for role autonomy and leadership.
  • Clear job descriptions and equitable recruitment on the basis of job-skill alignments that support employee confidence in fulfilling assigned tasks, roles, and responsibilities.
  • A high standard for maintaining employee and volunteer health & wellness through professional development, skills training, team-building, and wellness activities (Participation in these activities are included in employee paid time and are free and accessible to both employees and volunteers)
  • Wholesome and interactive orientation and training for new employees and volunteers that:
    • provide clear introduction, background/history, mission, vision, and values, goals and objectives, ongoing projects, activities and programs, partnerships and collaborations, and strategic planning of the CRRC.
    • promote access and clear direction for engaging with supports and community resources.
    • facilitate guided channels of communication for problem-solving, mitigating tensions, and addressing conflict.
    • foster relationship-building skills.
    • offer space to co-create check-in protocols for employee & volunteer wellness and self-care.
  • Co-creative agreements and dedicated sharing spaces to improve the way team members navigate shifting capacities around personal emergencies and commitments outside of work.
  • Providing an inclusive, respectful and professional environment for all team members via co-creative processes that support cohesive team engagement, and create clear workplace boundaries for a safe and comfortable working environment.