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Journey to Justice — Film

During Black History Month, watch this acclaimed documentary by Roger McTair about a group of unsung heroes in Canada’s fight for Black civil rights. (Free to stream on demand.) Then […]

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Omission and Exclusion of Black People in Canada’s Past: Canadian Enslavement and Participation in the Trans-Atlantic Black Slave Trade

Virtual Event (Zoom)

This talk challenges the ethos of Canada as a place where racial injustice, inequality and discrimination were limited and outside of the mainstream. Canadian historical records documenting the early arrival of Blacks, and White responses to their arrival reveal a different story.

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In-Ward (Hip-Hop and Dance Performance)

Market Hall Performance Centre 140 Charlotte Street, Peterborough

The essence of hip-hop in a show about the human psyche. With a raw and precise physicality, ground breaking hip-hop choreographer Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé and six accomplished dancers plunge us into the deep waters of the conscious and unconscious.

$5 – $30