Volunteer with us this spring/summer to support CRRC’s day-to-day social media!

Are you passionate about social justice, education, anti-racism and anti-oppression work in the community? Are you interested in social media engagement, content design and creation, and social media campaigning? The CRRC is looking for 1-2 volunteers to support our Coordinator with social media community outreach & engagement via Instagram and Facebook.

Social Media Volunteer(s)

  • We are seeking 1-2 volunteer(s) to support CRRC’s social media platforms: Instagram and Facebook, by monitoring messages and feeds, creating and sharing CRRC posts and content as directed by the Coordinator.
  • Volunteering can be virtual and/or in-person.
    • If in-person, the volunteer will have access to our office at the Sadleir House on 751 George St where they can access CRRC’s smartphone and content creation software to monitor and support social media.
  • Volunteers will be supervised by CRRC’s Coordinator.

Volunteer requirements:

  • must have experience using a smartphone and familiar with social media platforms.
  • must have some knowledge or experience with content creation.
  • must attend CRRC’s volunteer orientation (1-hr virtual session, multiple dates available).
  • must be able to passively monitor social media accounts for a minimum of 1-2x a day.
  • must be at least 16 years of age to volunteer.


  • Volunteers will help monitor social media accounts and engage with community members as needed. This may include responding to messages and comments, sharing content from community partners, interacting and engaging with community partners and supporters via comments, likes, reshares etc.
  • Volunteers will help with generating social media content as directed by the Coordinator. This may include designing posts and story images, writing captions, using interactive story features like polls, questions, etc.
  • Volunteers will take videos and pictures at CRRC events and engagements when they are available to do so, for use on our social media platforms.
  • Volunteers will post scheduled content in a timely manner, deadlines will vary based on time-sensitivity, urgency of content and relativity to current events etc.
  • Volunteers may help support CRRC’s initiatives and campaigns by hosting Instagram or Facebook Live events, with the approval and guidance of the Coordinator.
  • Volunteers may employ whatever creativity and imaginative capacities will serve them in fulfilling the duties of this role so long as it aligns with CRRC’s mission & mandate, and adheres to the CRRC’s Organizational Code of Conduct as well as Instagram and Facebook’s User Code of Conduct and Terms of Use Agreement.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to attend team meetings when available to do so.


  • Get involved with CRRC to make new relationships with our community and organization team and build your connections with our community partners.
  • Access opportunities available internally to CRRC team members.
  • Make meaningful contributions in the community through your service with the CRRC.
  • With additional experience and/or relevant education and applicable background, volunteers may also:
    • Support with broader communications and outreach & engagement leadership.
    • Participate in any subcommittees created by the board relevant to the role of the Social Media Volunteer.
    • Be eligible to apply for paid employment opportunities in either a social media or communications role as positions become available, contingent on funding.
  • Volunteers are welcome to attend CRRC events and workshops and participate in any educational opportunities provided by CRRC.
  • Student volunteers are welcome to mentorship opportunities as they become available.
  • Volunteers are invited and welcome to participate in CRRC’s team building activities and professional development throughout the year.
  • Volunteer members of the CRRC may be nominated for a Board of Directors position for election at the next AGM. Volunteer members of CRRC may be invited to fill vacant positions on the Board of Directors if vacancies exist throughout the year.