Peace Vigil: Standing with Tree of Life Synagogue

5 – 6 pm, 534 George St N.

In the wake of the October 27 massacre at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, the Peterborough Peace Council is focusing this month’s vigil to solidarity with Jewish community members here in Nogojiwanong/ Peterborough, in Pittsburgh, and around the world.

We are reaching out to Beth Israel Synagogue to ask on how we can best show solidarity, and to invite whatever participation would uphold them at this time.

Community allies are reminded that there is no obligation for Synagogue members or folks with Jewish heritage to attend or even provide guidance about what they need unless that would increase their sense of safety and support.

We are mindful that it is not the responsibility of those targeted by terrorism to offer direction to those who are not.

At the same time, those of us safe from violence do carry a responsibility to follow any lead offered by those who are threatened, to inform ourselves with their voices through the many means available, and to make that the foundation for our solidarity.

Please come prepared to listen to our Jewish members, friends, and neighbours, and to respect the silence of those who choose not to speak.

You are invited to bring lanterns and symbols of peace and love.

Each month a different group takes on co-facilitating the vigil. This month’s vigil is being co-led by the YMCA which hosts Peace Week every November.

Afterwards, at 6:30, we are invited to cross the street and join Food Not Bombs for a shared meal in Confederation Park (across from City Hall).